Training Mate for Nordic and Cross Country Skiers

Adaptable training software that gives you the edge in the snow

Snow or no snow, keep your performance at its peak with Training Mate fitness software.

All of your strength and technique training in one powerful but easy to use place.

Connect directly to your Concept2 SkiErg and capture your performance as you train.

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Skiing is a seasonal sport, but training to succeed is not. You need the best support throughout the year to keep you performing at your best. Training Mate adapts to the rigour of your training programme to bring out the best in you.

Concept2 SkiErg

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You know that to excel in cross country skiing you need to have excellent strength, balance, endurance and agility. Training Mate allows you to develop and refine your best training programmes that boost your performance in the snow. Work in the gym, or in the snow, and let Training Mate allow you to focus on your performance.

With a direct connection to your Concept2 SkiErg, Training Mate is the ultimate training software for Nordic and cross country skiers.

No SkiErg? Don't worry, Training Mate also works with Rollerboards and basic gym equipment.

Bring the power of Training Mate to your ski training, and track your improvements from session to session.

How does Training Mate benefit Nordic and Cross Country skiers?

All your training in one place

Whether you are training outside in the fresh snow or indoors in the gym, Training Mate works with you to track your performance as you train.

Technique or endurance, strength or conditioning, Training Mate handles all of your programmes with ease.

Use the equipment you have available

From skipping ropes to free weights to Rollerboards, Training Mate works with the equipment that you have available to you.

100's of basic gym equipment are already built in. Pick and choose the ones you want and you're set.

Simple connection to your Concept2 SkiErg

13 different measurements are available to you from your PM3 or PM4 monitor, giving you all the performance data you need to progress.

Sets up in seconds.

No need to remember complicated circuits and goals

With Training Mate guiding you through your programme you can concentrate on your performance not what to do next.

You are guided as you train on what equipment to use and with what settings as well as your performance targets on each step of the routine.

It couldn't be easier!

It tracks the performance metrics that matter to you

Lap times, work rates, heart rate - if it can be measured then Training Mate can monitor it as you train.

You know what the most important metrics are for you. Training Mate makes no assumptions, and allows you the freedom to measure what you want.