Training Mate for Swimmers

Excel in the water with easy to use training software

Pool or open water swimmers keep on top of their performance with Training Mate.

Test technique changes and compare the results.

Include your strength and conditioning training in one easy to use place.

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Excellent fitness combined with great technique is the key to succeeding in the pool or in open water. Your training needs to cover all the bases and you need the support of a great training aid to make sense of the results. Training Mate has been created to be your perfect training companion.

Flexible and easy to use, Training Mate allows you to train the way you want to and capture the information that is most important to you. Not only will Training Mate capture your split and overall times in the water, it will also track your performance during strength and conditioning training as well. Training Mate adapts to the training you need and supports you along the way.

Easy to use and quick to learn, Training Mate is the ultimate swimming training software.

How does Training Mate benefit swimmers?

It handles all of your training needs

To be great in the water you need great technique and great fitness. That means your training needs to include strength and conditioning as well as time in the water.

Training Mate allows you to create the perfect routines for all your training, in the pool, in open water or in the gym.

It tracks your lap times with ease

Your lap times are a great fitness indicator and the best way to track your progress.

Use Training Mate with the Click Counter plugin on the pool side to count your laps and track your split times.

Instantly see the impact of a technique change, or compare against your best to date. How you use the information is up to you!

Just keep your computer out of the water!

No more searching for performance data in different places

Because Training Mate handles all of your training it also stores all of your results together, in one place.

So your strength, conditioning and cardio results are kept with your swimming results.

Just one of the ways that Training Mate makes your training a little bit easier.