Training Mate for Runners

Adaptable fitness software for all your training needs

Treadmill, track, road and cross-country runners all benefit from easy to use training software.

Improve your off-season or pre-race training with simulated routes and courses.

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Whether you have the explosive power of a sprinter or the endurance of a long distance runner, keeping yourself in top condition and injury free is critical to your success.

Managing your training and making sense of your performance data demands an easy to use, adaptable training aid. Training Mate fits that need exactly by allowing you to put all of your training in one place. Capture lap times, time sections of routes, and track your progress as you train.

Quick to learn and easy to use, Training Mate fitness software is the perfect partner to bring you the success you train for.

How does Training Mate benefit runners?

It handles your indoor and outdoor training

It's great to run outdoors. Fresh air and the wind in your hair. But sometimes that just isn't practical or possible and the treadmill is the next best option.

However you train, Training Mate is there to support you. Use it in fully interactive mode on the treadmill and track your stats as you train. Or simply store your times and performance metrics once you've finished outside. It's as flexible as you need it to be.

You can simulate courses for pre-race and off-season training

There's no substitute for running a course for real, but often that just isn't possible.

With Training Mate you can easily reconstruct your favourite courses as workouts to run on your treadmill.

Simply match the course inclines to your treadmill incline setting and Training Mate will guide you from start to finish.