Training Mate for Triathletes

Training software for the most demanding sports.

Triathletes and other multi-sport athletes turn to Training Mate to accelerate their training and improve their performance.

Train for each discipline individually or in bricks. It's up to you.

Test your transition techniques and get a step ahead of the competition.

Be sure to also take a look at the individual discipline pages

Nothing pushes the athlete like triathlon. In the water, on the bike and on foot, you need to excel in each of the disciplines to succeed. Whether Sprint or Ironman distance, local or international, Training Mate is there to help you achieve your goals.

You can easily create the perfect training programme for each of the disciplines, or for general strength and conditioning workouts. You can also combine workouts with ease for brick sessions. Training Mate even allows you to train for the transition and try out different techniques pre-race.

The most demanding of sports demands the best tools. Training Mate. The ultimate triathlon training software.

How does Training Mate benefit triathletes?

It handles all of the disciplines in one place

You don't need the hassle of keeping your swim, bike and run training routines in different places.

Training Mate is a naturally cross-sport fitness software solution that allows you to manage all of your training in one easy to use place.

It also handles your performance results with equal flexibility, making Training Mate the clear winner for multi-discipline athletes.

You can train for each discipline individually, as bricks or any other way that suites you.

You are the athlete. You have the ambition and the motivation. So you should be able to train the way you want to.

Training Mate makes no assumptions and places no restrictions on how you go about your training.

Whether you want to do full distance legs, intervals, bricks or even practise your transitions, Training Mate handles all your training with ease.

Plus all of the individual discipline benefits