Training Mate for Cross Trainers

Powerful sports training software for todays all-round athletes

Training Mate fitness training software allows you to execute all your strength, speed, agility and cardio routines with ease.

Flexible and adaptable, Training Mate works hard for you, so you can work hard as you train.

Build your perfect cross training programme, track your performance as you train, and take yourself to the next level of achievement.

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In today's sports, you need to be able to adapt to the changing face of the game. One skill is no longer enough. You need speed, strength and stamina to come out on top.

Training Mate fitness training software is the perfect fit for all of your cross training needs. It's just as able to cope with your strength and speed sessions as it is with your agility and cardio training. What's more, you can manage all of your training in one easy to use place.

You know how hard it is to get the perfect training routines in place and execute them precisely. Let Training Mate take that burden and free yourself to concentrate on delivering your best performance, time after time.

It doesn't matter what your training goals are, or what level you perform at, Training Mate gives you all the information you need to make your training even more effective.

How does Training Mate benefit cross trainers?

It accomodates all the different training that you do

Cardio, core, strength, agility and endurance. All very different types of training, but with a common goal - to perfect and hone your sports performance.

Training Mate handles all of your training variations in a flexible and easy to use manner, making it the clear winner when to comes to supporting you in your training.

It works with the equipment you have

From the most basic equipment to the most complex piece of fitness machinery, Training Mate works with them all.

You need to use the right equipment for the right exercises, and the software allows you that freedom.

Free yourself from remembering complex training routines

When you are working at your maximum, you don't want to stop to think "what next". You want to transition from exercise to exercise with ease.

Training Mate gives you that freedom by guiding you step by step through your chosen programme, telling you what is coming up and what you are aiming for with each exercise.