Training Mate for Rowers

Fitness software that puts you ahead of the rest

On or off the water, keep your performance at its peak with Training Mate fitness software.

All of your ergo, river, strength and conditioning training in one powerful but easy to use place.

Connect directly to your Concept2 Indoor Rower and capture your performance as you train.

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Success in rowing demands that you are in peak condition. All over body strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance are all necessary to reap the rewards that you row for.

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Managing your training and making sense of your performance data demands an easy to use, adaptable training aid. Training Mate fits that need exactly by allowing you to keep all of your training in one place.

With a direct connection to the Concept2 Indoor Rower, Training Mate is the ultimate training software for rowers. It also works with other rowing machines and even basic gym equipment.

Get a step ahead in the squad with Training Mate by your side.

How does Training Mate benefit rowers?

All your training in one place

Training Mate handles all of your on and off water training giving you just one place to capture and review all of your training.

On water or in the gym, technique, strength or conditioning, Training Mate keeps all of your training programmes together, and captures your performance as you train.

River training? Really?

Yes! When taken on the launch by support crew or used on the banks, Training Mate can capture your performance in the boat, so you can review your performance back on dry land.

Just don't lose your computer in the water!

Easier ergo training

No more fiddly programming on the ergo monitor - Training Mate makes it easy to put together the routines you want to train against.

Not only that, you have complete flexibility over your ergo program - mix time and distance steps easily in a single workout, set different performance goals on each step if that's what you need.

You can even include your ergo in a circuit-type routines. Training Mate allows you to execute the programmes that work for you.

No need to remember complicated circuits and goals

With Training Mate guiding you through your programme you can concentrate on your performance not what to do next.

You are guided as you train on what equipment to use and with what settings as well as your performance targets on each step of the routine.

It couldn't be easier!

Simple connection to your Concept2 Indoor Rower

13 different measurements are available to you from your PM3 or PM4 monitor, giving you all the performance data you need to progress.

Sets up in seconds.

No more logging of data after training

With Training Mate monitoring your every stroke, you have all your performance data to hand immediately.

Share your results with your coach, or drill down into as much detail as you want yourself.